Things to do on the Granite Belt – Visit Sentimental Rocks

Looking for things to do when staying in Stanthorpe, Qld! Hidden away and just a 3 minute walk from Granite Belt Motel, Sentimental Rocks is what we like to call our “mini Girraween”. The granite rocks are a collection of giant granite boulders that were formed millions of years ago by volcano activity. Over time, weather has slowly chipped away at the rocks, leaving the large granite boulders balancing on top of each other as they can be seen today.

Few visit Sentimental Rocks as it’s even unknown to some of the locals here! However it’s the perfect taste of the region’s famous granite rock formations. Perfect for those visitors who don’t have time to go hiking at Girraween National Park. Guests at Granite Belt Motel often remark at the beauty of the lesser-known nature reserve and just how close it is to our Motel. Lucky us!

Directions from Granite Belt Motel

It is easy to find. Walk around the back of the reception building into Jardine Street, Stanthorpe cross the road past the first brick house on your left. Follow the trial and you will find the entrance to the rocky outcrop. The walk takes approximately 30mins from your front door. Beautiful in the early morning or late afternoons.

The Granite Belt’s best kept secret 

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